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Photo by pixel2013 on pixabay

Photo by pixel2013 on pixabay

Til Death Reunites Us

A poem
27 Sep 2018
Tags: grief   poetry  

Grief and the beyond

. . .

Everyone is dying,

But this earth is left for the wicked like us;

That we may live to suffer the loss of the angels who have gone before us.

O, that we shall meet again someday,

In the sweet, by and by –

After we have been cleansed

And made worthy to enter that pristine paradise.

O, that such a day may hasten upon us

And cut short our agony on this hell called earth –

That our souls may forever be lifted

In sublime ecstasy, by the eternal bliss

That comes from re-joining those who have gone before us.

O, may I be prepared when that day comes.

O, may I be prepared.

. . .

First published on The Kalahari Review

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