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Me Before You

Author: Jojo Moyes
28 Sep 2016
Tags: book-review   opinion  

This book is indeed an emotional rollercoaster. Prepare yourself for the ride of a lifetime.

It is the story of Will. A rich, entitled bachelor who becomes a quadriplegic after getting hit by a motorcyclist. He sustains a spinal injury from the accident which causes him to be paralysed and confined to a wheelchair. As a result of this, he lost the zeal to live and he is determined to end his life on his own terms.

Then there’s Camilla, his mother. Another rich, aloof and cold individual who loves her son desperately but for the life of her can’t seem to communicate this effectively. Though devastated by Will’s accident, she is determined to do everything in her power to keep him alive and well.

This is where Lou comes in. Invisible, unassuming Lou. She’s employed by Camilla to be Will’s secondary carer. What she doesn’t know as she takes on this job is that she is part of an elaborate plan (Camilla’s plan) to prevent Will from ending his own life. What she thought would be a boring menial job turned out to be much more intricate than she could have imagined.

If you’re worried about the fact that the two main protagonists are a man and a woman, let me reassure you that this is not a romance novel. The main premise of this book is assisted suicide and the author does a very good job of presenting the case from different viewpoints in an unbiased way.

The characters develop progressively in such a way that the reader can easily relate to each of them. The reader also gets a glance into the life of a quadriplegic, and I must say this is one of the most affecting aspects of the book, apart from the obvious.

After reading this book I developed a new found respect for people who are confined to wheelchairs. Generally, we tend to acknowledge the fact that their lives are more difficult than ours but many of us don’t actually realise to what extent it is. No matter what your opinion is on the premise of the book, I say give it a read anyway. I wasn’t disappointed, and I’m guessing you won’t be either.

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